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Wayne Safety Eye Wash Solution 4L

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For ultimate safety at workplace eye wash stations, it is recommended to use a saline solution rather than regular tap water because of the potential to further irritate the eye with contaminants in the water, like chlorine or other chemicals. This sterile saline solution is perfect for flushing nuisance particles such as pollen, dust, saw dust, smoke, and chlorinated water.

To reduce the risk of permanent damage caused by eye injuries, it is important to treat eye injuries immediately, until professional medical attention can be provided. Statistics show that around 1000 people in North America sustain work-related eye injuries on a daily basis, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. This number can be decreased when taking the proper safety precautions, like using protective eyewear and providing a functional eye wash station. This saline solution is a great addition to the Swish Eye Wash Station (#8554).

  • Sterile saline solution for eye wash stations
  • Removes loose foreign material, chlorinated water, and air pollutants
  • Buffered saline solution for stable pH balance
  • Pre-mixed, ready to use solution
  • Helps prevent permanent eye damage and vision loss
  • For use in offices, labs, schools, auto shops, food processing, hospitality, industrial facilities
  • Ideal for use with Swish Eye wash station (#8554)
  • Pour ready to use solution into the designated eye wash station bottle to be prepared for emergencies
  • Good safety measure in high hazard areas
  • Improves workplace health & safety

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