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Tremco Vulkem 350-SL (Self Levelling) 18.9L Grey

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Vulkem® 350/351 is a composite waterproofing system comprised of toughcuring liquid polyurethane. It cures to form a rubber membrane surface that
provides a lasting and easy-to-clean coating. Textured surfaces for
pedestrian traffic will use an aggregate-laden top membrane to aid in wear
and slip resistance. Vulkem 350/351 may be used to apply a seamless,
monolithic waterproof membrane to concrete and primed metal surfaces.

Vulkem 350 Base Coat is a single-component urethane membrane that
bonds firmly to clean, dry concrete and metal. It retains its integrity even if
substrate movement causes hair-line cracks of up to 1/16" (1.5 mm). If cut or
damaged, Vulkem 350 will prevent water migration between itself and the
substrate. Vulkem 350 is available in roller (R) and in self-leveling (SL) grade
for vertical and horizontal application.

Vulkem 351 Top Coat is an aliphatic, single-component polyurethane, which
when used in conjunction with the recommended aggregate, creates a tough,
aesthetically appealing, skid resistant, wearing surface that forms a strong
interlaminate bond to the Vulkem 350 basecoat.

Basic Uses
Vulkem 350/351 is ideal for plazas, recreation decks, balconies, mechanical
rooms, stadiums, athletic surfaces and similar applications requiring an
elastomeric waterproofing system.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast cure through time allows for use 24 hr after installation.
  • Mildew- and fungus- resistance safeguards concrete surfaces against environmental contaminants.
  • Excellent durability and UV resistance extend the useful life of pedestrian systems.
  • Recoatable and compatible with other Tremco sealants, which enhances waterproofing protection with full system compatibility.

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