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Tremco Puma Primer 6gal

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Tremco PUMA TC is commonly used as the top coat in traffic coating applications, and can also be used in buried waterproofing applications, such as under tile applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Polyurethane-methacrylate (PUMA) technology delivers extreme durability while maintaining its crack-bridging characteristics.
  • Rapid set-up times allow for quick overall installation, as well as the ability to open up to foot traffic one hour later.
  • Can be applied at temperatures below 20 °F, which allows for continuation of projects in the colder months.
  • Initiator adjustments allow for 30 to 45 min cure time between applications, even at temperatures below freezing.
  • Compatible with Tremco sealants and coatings, which is essential for tie-ins, detailing and penetrations.
  • Extremely forgiving application allows users to apply additional coats long after the previous coat has cured.
  • Unique chemistry allows for easy repair.

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