Specton Packers 3/8" w/Zerk Fittings

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Specton 3/8” Plastic Injection Packers are designed specifically for high-pressure
resin injection using 3/8” angled drill hole techniques. Specton Injection Packers are specially constructed of high impact virgin Nylon and come with removable zerk grease fitting with a one-way check valve.


  • Injection of cracks, joints and rock pockets in concrete structures when using:
  • Polyurethane Injection Resins
  • Epoxy Injection Resins for Structural Repairs
  • Specialty Injection Resins


  • Economical – Specton 3/8” Plastic Packers are fast to install and cost considerably less than mechanical packers. 3/8” drill holes are easier and faster to install and consume less resin to fill the drill hole than larger size packers.
  • Multi Purpose – Can be used to inject a variety of different materials including Polyurethane and Epoxy Resins.

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