** Protec Rhino Tile 500mm x 500mm

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These interlocking rigid tiles can be used to provide heavy duty floor protection against vehicular traffic and site machinery.

  • Flame Retardant to EN 13501

  • Advanced interlocking mechanism which eliminates the need for tape.

  • Absorbs impact and shock to prevent damage.

  • Slip Resistant to EN 13036-4 2011 (Dry: 100 PTV, Wet: 50 PTV)

  • 100% recycled and recyclable.

Our outstanding RhinoTile is a moulded, non-slip ground protection mat constructed with a cellular structure for superior durability – even when up against heavy foot or vehicular traffic. 

Designed as a heavy duty protective solution, this product is excellent at absorbing shock and noise while resisting impact from heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions. Effective in both high and low temperatures, 

The RhinoTile™ range also has a compatible ramp edge strip that makes them fully accessible with trolleys and other loading equipment. It is also recyclable, whilst already being made from 100% recycled material for completely sustainable benefits

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