Bioesque Odour Neutralizer

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Remove odors and stains without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals with Bioesque Botanical Odor Neutralizer. Excellent for removing mold, mildew, and troublesome stains that create foul scents such as milk, wine, blood, dirt, coffee and more, in a natural, safe and chemical free way. This odor neutralizer is perfect for hazard conscious or environmentally sensitive settings and can be used on carpets, fabrics, wool, walls and on smooth surfaces. It can be utilized in hospitals, automobiles, garbage trucks, trash cans, landfills, waste degraders for septic tanks, bathroom maintenance, marine holding tanks, dumpsters, portable toilets and drain line treatments.

To note: this product is also available in a one litre bottle for smaller tasks and environments

Features and Benefits:
- Advanced formula for odor and stain elimination
- Ready to use
- No harmful or toxic chemicals
- Easily removes mold malodors
- Easily removes mildew malodors
- Removes pet urine, vomit, and feces
- Removes coffee, wine, milk, blood, dirt and more
- Can be used in wastewater systems such as ponds and lagoons
- Safe to use in hospitals

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