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Mulco Butyl 300ml Black

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Finish: Black

Type: 300 ml cartridges      

Butyl rubber architectural one component compound exterior multipurpose sealing.
Dries by solvent evaporation. Used to seal outdoor joints between two perpendicular surfaces subject to thermal movements. For sealing joints around door and window frames, sidings. Good adhesion on many surfaces such as natural, painted or anodized aluminum, painted or stained wood, concrete or masonry.
  • No mixing or primer required.
  • No staining of surrounding surfaces.
  • Withstands weathering.
  • Does not require painting.
  • Can be applied on vertical or horizontal, overhanging surfaces without subsiding or sagging.
  • Good ultraviolet resistance and remains flexible even at low temperature (-30°C, -22°F).
  • Butyl can be used as bedding secondary seals or hidden joints.

Not to be used on insulating panels or plastic materials which can be affected by solvents; does not withstand immersion (tanks) or abrasion (foot traffic).

For exterior use

Packaged in 300 ml cartridges

Paintable: After 24 hours (with latex paint)

Mulco (Sico) Part Numbers: 124 XX0 or 124 XXO (124XX0, 124XXO, 5078767, 062810225950, 0 62810 22595 0, 124950 124 950)

- 20 tubes per case -

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