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King MS-S10 Concrete 30kg

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MS-S10 is a high performance, multi-purpose, pre-packaged, concrete repair material. It is a pre blended, synthetic fibre-reinforced, pre-packaged, high performance, cementitious, concrete repair material containing Portland cement, silica fume, air-entraining admixture, 10 mm (3/8 inch) stone and other carefully selected components.


• Air-entrainment provides superior resistance to freeze-thaw cycling and salt-scaling resistance
• Properties similar to conventional concrete, thus offering excellent compatibility to parent concrete
• Excellent durability
• Reduced bleeding
• Improved resistance to sulphate attack
• Very low permeability
• Low shrinkage
• Ideal for full depth repair, does not need to be extended
• Excellent bond to parent concrete without requiring a bonding agent
• Compatible with integral, pre-applied and/or post-applied corrosion inhibitors*
• Designed with natural normal-density non-reactive fine and coarse aggregates to eliminate potential alkali-aggregate reactivity (AAR)
• All KING products are manufactured using ISO 9001:2015 Certified Processes


• Partial and full depth rehabilitation of concrete slabs, in parking garages, balconies, bridge decks and/or any concrete structures
• Minimum application thickness of MS-S10 is 38 mm (1½ inches)
• New concrete construction, especially areas subject to freeze-thaw cycles and high salt (chloride) environments


Surface Preparation: All surfaces to be in contact with MS-S10 must be free from dust, oil, grease or any other foreign substances that may interfere with the bond of the material. Remove all delaminated or unsound concrete providing a roughened surface and a minimum of 25 mm (1 inch) clearance behind any corroded reinforcing steel. The perimeter of the repair area should be saw-cut a minimum of 20 mm (¾ inch). Clean the area to be repaired with potable water, leaving the concrete saturated but free of standing water (SSD).

Mixing: Place 75% of required water into mixer and slowly introduce entire bag of MS-S10. Add balance of required water slowly while mixer is running, not exceeding maximum recommended volume of water. Maximum recommended volume of water is 2.6 L (0.7 US gallon) per 30 KG (66 lb) bag. Continue mixing for a minimum of 3 minutes and stop only when material has obtained a consistent homogeneous mix.

Placing: Mix and substrate temperatures should be maintained between 5 °C (40 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F), until the material has reached final set. Do not place MS-S10 when ambient temperature is below 5 °C (40 °F). Refer to ACI 306, “Guide to Cold Weather Concreting”. In warm weather ice water may be used to cool mix temperature and avoid short working time. When ambient temperature is above 30 °C (86 °F), refer to ACI 305, “Guide to Hot Weather Concreting”.

Place material uniformly and consolidate by forcing it down to the surface of the parent concrete and around the underside of the rebar using a concrete vibrator, a steel trowel, a wood float or by rodding the material following ACI 309 R “Guide to Consolidating Concrete”, without causing segregation. Ensure material has filled all voids and completely encapsulated any exposed rebar in the area to be repaired. For slab finishing, the use of a wood or magnesium float is recommended.


Curing is essential to optimize physical properties of the concrete and minimize plastic shrinkage. Cure immediately after material has reached initial set in accordance with ACI 308 “Guide to Curing Concrete”. Continuously moist cure for a minimum period of 7 days. Alternatively, moist cure for a minimum period of 24 hours and apply a curing compound that complies with ASTM C 309. Curing is particularly critical in rapid moisture loss conditions such as high temperatures, high winds and low humidity.


30 KG (66 lb) bag contains approximately 0.014 m3 (0.5 ft3).


MS-S10 contains Portland cement. Normal safety-wear such as rubber gloves, dust mask and safety glasses used to handle conventional cement based products should be worn. Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.

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