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Henry 790-11 Hot Rubberized Asphalt 50lb

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Henry® Companys time-tested 790-11 hot rubberized, fluid asphalt is formulated to provide a monolithic, fully bonded roofing and waterproofing membrane. 790-11 is an excellent choice when waterproofing both intensive and extensive vegetative roofing assemblies.

Henry’s 790-11 is composed of a specially selected blend of refined asphalts, synthetic rubber and mineral stabilizers. It is modified with additives to promote adhesion and improve low temperature flexibility. Henry offers an environmentally friendly version of the tried and true hot rubberized asphalt, 790-11 EV.


  • Seamless application provides monolithic waterproofing.
  • Bridges non-working cracks up to 1/16" in width.
  • Conforms to surface irregularities.
  • Full adhesion to deck restricts lateral water movement.
  • 100% solids provides immediate cure on cooling.

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