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** Henry 710-11 Premium Grade Coating 18.9L

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Henry/Bakor 710-11 is a top quality, medium consistency, solvent-type waterproofing and damp proofing compound of selected asphalts and fibres permitting application in thick films. It bonds well to dry, frost-free masonry and concrete surfaces and is particularly well adapted to spray application. The cured coating is impervious to sustained contact with water. Additionally, it exceeds the requirement of CAN/CGSB 37.16.

Henry/Bakor 710-11 is used as a damp proofing coating on masonry or concrete structures to control absorption and migration of moisture. Coating is used in multi-layers as a waterproofing membrane and can be applied at low temperatures. Ideally used for foundation walls, footings, split-slab floors, retaining walls, wing walls and abutments.


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