Goizper Evolution 15LTC Sprayer 18V 4gal Backpack Sprayer

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The Evolution 15 LTC Battery Operated backpack model holds 4 gal. of chemical and runs on an 18V Lithium rechargeable battery included with the sprayer.  It has two settings (45 psi and 22 psi).  When it is set on the 45-psi function and using the 4 Hole nozzle that comes with it it will spray the finest mist possible.  You will get approximately 3 hrs. of spray time on one battery charge or approximately 12 tankfuls of chemical.  The best battery-operated backpack in the market

Its simple control system allows users to select the most suitable operating mode for each type of application: Insecticides/fungicides (working position 2) and herbicides (working position 1).

Matabi Evolution 15 LTC, 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer with Adjustable padded straps. Herbicide nozzle. Fibreglass lance gives you better control of the spray tip so you can spray where you need it. What does this mean to you, just that when you move the wand the tip doesnt move around like on competitive brands allowing you to spray exactly where you need to, also the fibreglass lance is almost unbreakable giving it a longer life. As compared to brass or chrome-plated lance it is lighter and corrosive resistant. Adjustable nozzle with an accessory adapter. Clip for pump lever and wand for easy storage. Convenient carry handle. Built-in agitator. Easy to maintain.


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