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Euclid Ultraguard 5gal

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ULTRAGUARD is a water-based polymeric protectant that improves the appearance and durability of concrete floors. ULTRAGUARD contains a powerful stain-resistant additive and is further enhanced with lithium silicate, which provides densification of the concrete surface. This product also contains UV absorbers that enable the ULTRAGUARD to protect coloured or dyed concrete against UV degradation. ULTRAGUARD can be used alone or in combination with a reactive sealer such as EUCO DIAMOND HARD or ULTRASIL Li+ to give concrete floors a glossy finish, harder surface, and protective seal.


  • Can provide instant gloss to concrete floors
  • Water-based - low odour
  • Treated concrete is more dense and durable
  • Breathable
  • Treated concrete is easier to maintain
  • Protects coloured or dyed concrete from UV degradation
  • Can contribute to LEED points (EQ Credit 4.2)


  • Interior concrete floors
  • Commercial and retail floors
  • Diamond polishing concrete
  • Distribution centers
  • Institutional floors
  • Health care facilities
  • Schools

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