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Euclid Level Magic Lightweight 25lb bag

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LEVEL MAGIC LIGHTWEIGHT is a cement-based, self-levelling, high strength underlayment designed for levelling floors without adding the weight of traditional cementitious levelling products. LEVEL MAGIC LIGHTWEIGHT can be featheredged and has properties similar to that of concrete but at a much lower load weight. LEVEL MAGIC LIGHTWEIGHT eliminates the need for trowelling. It requires the addition of only potable water to achieve a fluid consistency and produces a smooth, level and hard surface after curing. LEVEL MAGIC LIGHTWEIGHT can be applied in multiple lifts with each lift being no greater than 1” (2.5 cm).


  • Can receive floor coverings within 24 hours of installation
  • Compatible with commonly used flooring adhesives


  • Repair, fill, or level surfaces in new construction or restoration
  • Underlayment for structures not designed for much additional load prior to installation of floor coverings

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