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Euclid Formshield G 5gal

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FORMSHIELD G is an economical, chemically reactive concrete form release agent for general use in concrete forming applications. FORMSHIELD G contains a proprietary ingredient that provides release capability superior to traditional, barrier-type form oils. FORMSHIELD G is compliant with all VOC regulations in the U.S. and Canada. Because it is not water-based, FORMSHIELD G does not require protection from freezing. Forms treated with FORMSHIELD G can be put to use faster than those treated with water-based release products. Metal, plastic, wood and composition forms strip cleanly with FORMSHIELD G.


  • Forms release easily and cleanly from concrete
  • Less staining than barrier-type form oils
  • Compliant with all VOC regulations in the U.S. and Canada
  • Reduces the occurrence of voids and bug holes
  • Tolerant to freezing conditions during storage and transportation
  • Treated forms are ready for use quickly
  • Not regulated for transportation - easy storage and shipping
  • Very low odour


  • Preventing the adhesion of concrete to forms of all types in general concrete forming applications

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