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Euclid Flex-Con 55gal

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FLEX-CON is a water dispersion of an architectural grade acrylic latex specifically designed for modifying portland cement compositions. Mortar modified with FLEX-CON has improved physical strength, and superior adhesion to old concrete, masonry, brick, and many other surfaces.


  • Improves bond strength
  • Increases durability under freeze/thaw cycling
  • Reduces cracking through increased mortar flexural strength
  • Increases mortar wear resistance under rubber-wheeled traffic
  • Increases mortar tensile strength
  • Repair mortar offers greater impact resistance
  • Does not re-emulsify when exposed to water


  • Admixture for overlays, repair mortars, and levelling materials
  • Thin sets, terrazzo, stucco, and bond coats
  • Repairs utilizing spray or fill coats
  • General reconstruction work
  • Repairs to precast structural members
  • Architectural panels, bridge decks, and highway repairs

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