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Euclid EverClear VOX 55gal

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EVERCLEAR VOX is a water-based, pure acrylic sealer for concrete with excellent blush resistance and total resistance to yellowing from UV exposure. This sealer imparts an attractive sheen and protection to all concrete surfaces and is especially suited for decorative concrete. EVERCLEAR VOX is formulated to be compliant with all VOC regulations in the United States and Canada, and its low odour makes it usable indoors or out. EVERCLEAR VOX dries to a clear, medium-gloss finish, but a higher gloss can be achieved with additional coats.


  • Non-yellowing, medium-gloss sealer provides protection and improved appearance to concrete
  • Low odour
  • Complies with all U.S. EPA and local VOC regulations, including OTC, LADCO, Maricopa County, and California (CARB and SCAQMD)
  • Excellent abrasion and blush resistance
  • Can be applied over previous coats of sealers – water-based and solvent-based
  • Excellent recoating ability
  • Can contribute to LEED points


  • Concrete driveways, sidewalks, floors
  • Stamped, stencilled, coloured, acid stained concrete
  • Concrete pavers and precast units
  • Cultured stone
  • Terrazzo

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