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Euclid Euco Tammoshield Gloss 1gal (2/cs)

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EUCO TAMMOSHIELD is a non-yellowing, two-component water based aliphatic polyurethane sealer that provides a glossy, durable surface to concrete and masonry surfaces. It cures by a true thermoset reaction, providing toughness and chemical resistance that far surpasses that of acrylic or one-component water based urethane sealers.


  • Non-yellowing aliphatic formulation
  • No odor
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Provides a glossy, “wet” look
  • Can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces


  • Clear protective topcoat for Eucopoxy and Dural epoxy coatings and vinyl chip flooring systems
  • Seal coat for Euclid Chemical architectural coatings

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