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Euclid Euco-Speed MP Hot Weather 50lb

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EUCO-SPEED MP is a rapid-setting, rapid hardening, magnesium phosphate material used to repair concrete and masonry surfaces. EUCO-SPEED MP requires only the addition of water and can be installed with standard equipment and procedures. It bonds tenaciously to properly prepared concrete and provides a durable repair which is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and deicing salts. For temperatures above 85°F (29°C), EUCO-SPEED MP HOT WEATHER should be used. For large placements use EUCO-SPEED MP HOT WEATHER extended with pea gravel.


  • Rapid-setting for quick turnaround
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
  • Durable under freeze-thaw cycles and salt exposure
  • Versatility in thickness from 1/2” (12 mm) to 8” (20 cm) when extended with aggregate
  • May be placed down to 0°F (-17°C)


  • Bridge decks
  • Anchoring
  • Parking garages
  • Floors
  • Handrail grouting
  • Pavements
  • Marine structures
  • Joint repairs

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