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Euclid Euco QWIKstitch 2gal (2 part)

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EUCO QWIKstitch is a two-component hybrid urethane repair liquid used to mend cracks in concrete, repair spalled joints and repair damaged or uneven concrete surfaces. EUCO QWIKstitch is an ultra-low viscosity material formulated to penetrate deep into cracks, mending them back together. Its fast cure time makes quick work of repair jobs; concrete repaired with EUCO QWIKstitch can be opened to heavy traffic in less than one hour. EUCO QWIKstitch can be mixed with aggregate to make a tough mortar perfect for quickly repairing pop-outs and spalls. In addition, bulk EUCO QWIKstitch can be coloured with EUCLID UNIVERSAL COLOR PACKS.


  • Can be applied at a range of thicknesses with the use of clean, oven-dried silica
  • Very fast cure time
  • 33 colours available through the use of colour packs
  • Static mixers available with needle tips - for neatly injecting very narrow cracks
  • Low viscosity - deep penetration into cracks
  • Wide application temperature range: 0°F to 110°F (-18°C to 44°C)
  • Low VOC and no solvent odour


  • Cracked concrete surfaces, interior and exterior
  • Spalled floor joints
  • Repair of pop-outs and delaminations on floors

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