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Euclid Euco Flat-Plate Natural 50lb

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EUCO FLAT-PLATE is a specially formulated metallic floor hardener composed of a specially processed and graded iron aggregate, selected portland cement and plasticizing agents. This hardener is specifically designed to achieve high flatness numbers, F40 and greater. EUCO FLAT-PLATE has been formulated to be applied at heavy application rates, up to 2.5 lb/ft2 (12 kg/m2) using standard procedures, while maintaining a “window of finishability” long enough for the contractor to perform the restraightening and finishing operations necessary for high flatness floors.


  • Designed to be used on ACI 302 Class 6 or greater floors requiring surface toughness with a flatness rating of FF 40 or greater
  • Optimum consistency and gradation
  • Results in a surface up to 8 times as abrasion resistant as plain, cured concrete
  • Flatness friendly for use by qualified finishers
  • Dense surface resists penetration of oil, grease, and many other liquids
  • Virtually non-dusting surface


  • FF 40 and greater floors with high traffic patterns
  • Narrow aisles in high bay facilities
  • AGV areas
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial floors
  • Distribution centers

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