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Euclid Admix Eucon 37 20L

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EUCON 37 is a high range water-reducing admixture.  It may be added to the concrete at the job site or at the ready mix concrete plant.  EUCON 37 is formulated to retain plastic consistency for 30-60 minutes after dosing depending on the initial slumps, dosage rates, and ambient temperature.  No chlorides are used in its formulation; consequently, it is recommended for prestressed concrete.  It is also compatible with air-entraining agents, waterproofing agents, calcium chloride and many other admixtures; however, each material should be added to the concrete separately.


  • Produces low water content and low water/cement ratio concrete allowing higher strengths
  • Produces flowing concrete and better than normal strengths
  • Aids in concrete placement and reduces labour costs
  • Will produce high early strengths when used in precast work with Type I cement


  • High-performance concrete
  • General ready mix concrete
  • Heavily reinforced concrete
  • Flatwork and mass concrete
  • Minimum water content concrete
  • Low water/cement ratio concrete
  • High slump, flowable concrete

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