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Backer Rod Standard Backer Rod 3" (102' per case)

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Round poly foam joint filler and backing for sealants. Provides controlled depth for sealants. Compresses easily for accommodating joints of varying widths. Does not stick to sealants. Exceeds ASTM standards for bond breaker materials. Consists of both open and closed cells on the inside with a skin-like outer texture. Non-stick closed cell skin. High moisture resistance. Compatible with all known types of sealants including butyl, polyurethane, silicones, tri-polymer, polysulfide, acrylic, etc.


  • General Purpose Sealant backing / bond breaker
  • Together with Self-leveling sealant
  • Expansion joints
  • Irregular joints
  • Metal and pre-cast panels
  • Around perimeters of door and window frames
  • Coping and glazing joints
  • Log Homes

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