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3M Self Levelling Concrete Repair 600 8.4oz

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3M™ Self-Levelling Concrete Repair is a fast-curing polyurethane adhesive designed to repair cracks, spalls, and breaks in concrete floors and horizontal concrete surfaces. This self-leveling repair material applies with a common caulk gun and flows freely into horizontal repair areas. It hardens in as little as five minutes and allows for sanding and refinement in 15 minutes, eliminating downtime.
  • Fast, convenient repair of cracks and spalls to horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Self-leveling urethane material flows freely into repair areas
  • Hardens to any depth in as little as 5 minutes without cracking or shrinking
  • Becomes level and tack-free in as little as 1 minute
  • Applies easily with common caulking gun

Instead of calling a contractor and keeping your floors out of service for 24 hours or longer, our 3M™ Self-Levelling Concrete Repair lets you do it yourself in minutes. This low-viscosity urethane concrete repair material comes in a cartridge and applies easily from a regular caulking gun. Its self-leveling formula flows freely into cracks, breaks and spalls in horizontal concrete surfaces such as concrete floors. It hardens in as little as five minutes.The material cures to any depth without cracking, and can be sanded and refined for smooth finishes. It also expands and contracts to resist cracking or loosening for long-lasting repairs vs. standard concrete. 3M™ Self-Levelling Concrete Repair is a two-component repair material in a convenient cartridge which fits standard caulking gun applicators. The cartridge nozzle (included) meters and mixes precise proportions of material for optimal leveling, hardening and long-term use. The gray material can be sanded in 15 minutes and is paintable in one hour.


Suggested Applications

  • Ideal for building construction, walkways, stairways, pools, decks, patios, maintenance, and repair (MRO)
  • Designed for sealing, anchoring bolts in concrete, repairing walk ways, repairing concrete floors, repairing patios, and filling
  • Alternative to riveting or welding, bolt setting, frame building, rivet free assembly

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