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3M Multi-Flex Abrasive 8" x 20 A ULF

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  • Faster, easier scuffing action
  • Use for woodworking, metalworking, synthetic fabrication and maintenance operations
  • Available in three colour-coded grades, grey fine grade, purple Very Fine and copper Ultra Fine
  • Very flexible and conformable for cleaning or fine finishing

3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Multi-Flex Sheet is an ultra-flexible and conformable perforated sheet roll abrasive for cleaning or fine finishing.

The Scotch-Brite™ Multi-Flex Abrasive Sheet Roll works quickly and economically in sealer sanding, denibbing, defuzzing, highlighting and top coat finishing applications (both solvent and water-based). It features the finest grade of Multi Flex Products available for critical scuffing prior to applying top coat. It is extremely scrunchable, and can be folded, stacked or rolled to accommodate application needs. It is ideal for very fine finish applications and it replaces steel wool to eliminate contamination. The abrasive mineral used in the Scotch-Brite™ Multi-Flex Abrasive Sheet Roll is an ultra fine grade aluminum oxide.


Suggested Applications

  • Cleaning
  • Finishing
  • Denibbing
  • Defuzzing

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