CDS has been a primary supplier of products for Glaziers for over 50 years. As Tremco’s first distributor in Ontario we have a great deal of experience supplying this industry’s needs. Glazing requires a number of products to effectively install either the glass itself or a window assembly onto a building while maintaining the integrity of the building envelope. Glazing (or fenestration) involves mounting glass into a window frame or is sometimes referenced when installing a completed window. The glass component of the window assembly is the “glazing”.

Butyl Tape

Preformed pressure sensitive butyl gasketing tape for window installations. Tremco 440 tape is an extruded, pre-formed putty-like tape available in a number of size configurations to act as a flexible seal between the glass and window frame in non-compression glazing. It absorbs the expansion and contraction between the two substrates to keep your window both air and watertight. It can also be used between other surfaces like metal or wood to allow movement to occur without losing integrity.
Polyshim II is also an extruded, pre-formed 100% solids butyl tape with a continuous EPDM rubber shim running along the length of the tape to control compression. This tape is used in compression glazing systems for curtain wall, punched or ribbon window compression glazing or sloped glazing applications.

Foam Tape

Closed-cell polyethylene glazing tape is an alternative to butyl tapes for similar glazing or gasketing applications. It has an aggressive acrylic adhesive on one or both sides for use in PVC, wood or metal window frames. Excellent UV and weather resistance for exterior glazing or other applications. Foam tapes have superior rebound capabilities without the fear of squeeze-out under heavy wind loads.


Levelling shims are essential to maintain the correct slope or level for windows as well as many other building components. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to ensure the job gets done efficiently and cost effectively.

Setting Blocks

Setting blocks are made of a variety of materials like EPDM, PVC, Neoprene, Silicone, Silicone Compatible rubber etc. They are designed to support the glass lite and protect it from contact with the sash as well as suspending it above any potential ponding water in the glazing cavity.

Mirror Mastic

Most adhesives, including silicones, can negatively affect the mirror backing and cause defects to show through to the reflective surface. Mirror mastics or mirror adhesives are specifically designed to adhere mirrors to a surface without causing damage to the mirror itself.

Tools & Accessories

Glass handling equipment such as suction lifters, sanding belts, glass cutters, pliers, glazing gaskets/splines are all available through CDS. These accessories are high quality, name brand products, which will make your tasks easier to accomplish and ensure professional quality results.