Concrete is the single most widely used material in the world. From ancient Rome, over 2000 years ago to today, this material has been used with examples like the Colosseum and the Pantheon still standing in present day Rome. It’s combination of strength, durability and versatility makes it a unique material with many uses, from skyscrapers to counter tops and many uses in between. CDS supplies high quality bagged concrete as well as many products for repairing or placing concrete for our restoration contractor customers. Although concrete is considered a commodity by many, engineers have strict criteria relating to the performance of the concrete or mortars they specify. All of our concretes or mortars are specified and have the performance capabilities that professionals not only deserve but require. Whatever your job requires; repair mortars, concrete anchors, bonding agents, curing and sealing compounds or admixtures, we have brand name products to get the job done right the first time.

Vertical/Overhead Mortars

Patching walls or ceilings is one of the most common restoration jobs requested. CDS distributes a wide array of product choices from large, well respected construction chemical companies that know the challenges of this problem and also have the solutions worked out with the contractor in mind. We understand the contractor’s needs for quality materials with minimal labour which allows you to do it right the first time and eliminate call backs. There are many similarities as well as differences from one product to the next so check with our technical team to confirm which product will be your best choice for any particular job.

Horizontal Mortars

Patching or resurfacing floors due to spalling or cracking is an everyday occurrence and CDS is well placed to help you get the job done with minimum downtime. If you need a product that you can drive over in less than an hour or full depth repairs we have you covered. Don’t forget to check our waterproofing section for ideas as to how to protect your floor from further deterioration once it has been repaired.


Chemical anchoring allows you to secure bolts, rebar, hooks, railings or other items directly into the concrete without undue stress on the concrete itself. This not only secures it, it also protects the concrete from cracking that can occur with mechanical anchors and the stress they place on the concrete, particularly near an edge or corner. Winter or summer, we have the proper chemical anchors to satisfy your engineer as well as your client.


Admixtures can help you achieve a wide variety of integral performance enhancements with newly poured concrete. From super plasticizers that help the workability without increasing the water:cement ratio to integral waterproofing or cold temperature accelerators we have the additives you need to get the job done.

Cementitious Grouts

Cementitious or epoxy grouts are common materials for a wide variety of uses generally relating to filling voids or reinforcing existing structures. Unlike concrete, grout is a non-shrink material placed or pumped into a void. Underpinning foundations, setting machinery, strengthening structural columns are among the many uses that can be accomplished with the proper selection of grout. Depending on your criteria relating to time, strength, vibration and other factors we can assist you to choose the correct product for your project.


Hardeners are used for freshly placed concrete to enhance the surface hardness of a floor to ensure the floor can withstand the type of traffic anticipated on that particular floor. Typically used during the finishing stage of freshly placed concrete, they will allow the floor to accommodate much higher abrasion demands mitigating surface deterioration. Dustproofers are chemical hardeners that are used after the floor has been poured to increase the abrasion resistance by hardening the top surface of the concrete, which eliminates or reduces dusting. Often sealers are used for this purpose as they will encapsulate the dust to keep it down but they will wear and don’t actually solve the problem as they must be reapplied once worn. Chemical hardeners resolve the cause of the dusting at the source, not the symptom, and are considered a permanent solution to the problem.

Decorative Concrete

Stamped and coloured concrete driveways. Concrete counter tops. Acid stained concrete floors in restaurants or retail stores. These are examples of what you can do with concrete today. It’s no longer the ugly grey material you’re accustomed to. Let your imagination be your boundary, concrete’s versatility allows many applications that are not only functional but can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Concrete Bonding Agents

Placing new cementitious material over existing, cured material can be a problem without the proper bonding agent. Even a properly prepared surface generally requires some sort of adhesive to ensure a proper bond and avoid delamination. Traditional bonding agents vary from epoxies to latex but there are also many new technologies that have been developed to further enhance the bond as well as being easier to use. A very important and often misunderstood category, which when properly selected and properly used will certainly improve the quality and durability of concrete patches or overlays.

Curing and Sealing Compounds

Most jobs utilising concrete are not complete once the concrete is placed and finished. Often overlooked, curing is a vital stage of the project. Concrete continues to gain strength over the first 28 days, with most of the strength (approximately 90%) occurring during that time. Without proper curing, which can be achieved by keeping the concrete moist for the first 3-5 days or with a chemical compound that keeps the mix water in the matrix of the concrete to allow it to properly hydrate, your ultimate performance of the concrete will suffer drastically. Not to be confused with curing compounds, although they often are, sealers are applied after the concrete has cured. Sealers are designed to protect the concrete from a variety of harmful chemicals depending on the type of sealer chosen. Be careful to consider the environmental exposure of the slab as well as the ultimate look desired to determine the proper sealer. Our technical department can assist you with your choice.

Quickset Mortars

Parking garages, ramps, warehouse floors, entrances to commercial buildings and airport runways are all examples of areas that typically require a rapid repair. When your client needs the job done right but also done quickly you need the right materials. Winter is another challenge whereby quickset mortars are an invaluable weapon in your arsenal. Repairs can be accomplished in the most inclement weather, once again, if you have the right materials. Contact our technical department to discuss your options.

Tools and Accessories

For a professional job you need professional materials as well as the proper tools or accessories that go with the repair material. Don’t arrive at the job site without all the items necessary to do the job, we can help.