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GE SCS1200 300ml Translucent 1201

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SCS1200 is a general purpose, silicone sealant used to seal building joints to prevent the penetration of rain, air and noise - used to seal curtainawll, mullions and other building construction joints. Performance: Silicone durability : once cured, silicone exhibits excellent long-term resistance to natural weathering, including: extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain and snow, with negligible change in elasticity. Adhesion : SCS1200 features primerless adhesion to most nonporous construction materials. In addition, SCS1200 can be used with many substrates and finishes, including: glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, and coated aluminum. Movement capability : once cured, silicone exhibits +/- 25% movement in both extension and compression, capable of withstanding daily exposure to various weather conditions. Strength properties : combining high tensile and tear strength, SCS1200 is an exceptional choice for many protective glazing and glass stiffener applications. Thermal stability (cured state) : remains elastic under a wide range of weather conditions, from -55° F (-48° C) to 300° F (149° C) and can withstand 400° F (204° C) temperatures with intermittent exposure.

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